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Sept. 13, 2005

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Jun. 4, 2007

Aqua MedZyme

Aqua MedZyme

Aqua MedZyme™

Two forms to choose from, DRY and LIQUID

NO Refrigeration needed, Treats pond water as low as 40 degrees (F)

              Reduce Deadly Ulcers, Here's How

Aqua MedZyme: Liquid 

Reduce DEADLY Water Borne Bacteria in your pond, Here's How

Aqua MedZyme: Permanently reduces ALL strains of deadly ulcer causing Aeromonas, Pseudomonas in your pond by starving them to death Aqua MedZyme: contains 760,000,000  yes, seven hundred and sixty million HUNGRY "beneficial bacteria" per ml that eat the same food as Aeromonas, Pseudomonas, which starves them to levels so low they can not harm your fish. The other "Zyme on the market only contains 400 to 500 thousand "beneficial bacteria" per ml!! 

Save 33% There’s another advantage of Aqua MedZyme Liquid, because of its "superior strength" it takes 33% less Aqua MedZyme at temperatures between 63 to 68 degrees, than the other "Zyme" on the market and Aqua MedZyme is priced less! 

There are many more ponds in the US that will maintain a 63 degree water temperature for a longer period of time than a 69 degree water temperature! Use Aqua MedZyme and save more than 33% costs per year! 


Aqua MedZyme: formula has been tested extensively in Koi Ponds, Commercial Aquaculture Applications, Private Veterinary laboratories and University Studies 

Aqua MedZyme: can be stored for two years at room temperature or 3 years if kept refrigerated 

Aqua MedZyme: DOES NOT contain chemicals, antibiotics or medications, 100% natural  

Aqua MedZyme: is safe for filters, plants, pets and wildlife  

Aqua MedZyme: will keep your pond fish safe from the "deadly bacteria" in your pond! That's what makes Aqua MedZyme the number one choice of the most successful pond keepers across the U.S. 

 Now here’s the Best Part!

With ALL the advantages over the other "Zymes" on the market
Aqua MedZyme LIQUID
Is still priced less!! 

16 oz Treats 16,000 to 48,000 gal $23.99*
32 oz Treats 32,000 to 96,000 gal $39.99*
1 Gallon treats 128,000 to 384,000 gal $129.99

Aqua MedZyme: Treats pond water as low as 40 degrees (F) Great for early spring & late fall treatments or locations where the water temp does not reach 55 degrees until late spring 

*Prices may vary.

New Dosage Info

Dosage by water temperature

40° to 49° : Double normal dosage (8 tsp)

50° to 62° : 1.5 x normal dosage (6 tsp)

63° and above : Normal dosage (4 tsp)

There's More!!

Aqua MedZyme™

Liquid and Dry Product Formulation

The formula used to produce Aqua MedZyme® Liquid and Dry Products has been tested extensively in Koi Ponds, Commercial Aquaculture Applications, Private Veterinary laboratories and University Studies.  No other probiotic formula has undergone such extensive testing and review in commercial aquatic conditions against a variety of pathogenic organisms.

Aqua MedZyme’s™ formula has been tested against the following gram negative pathogenic microbes that can cause severe mortalities is many fish species.  Aeromonis, Psuedomonas, Vibrio, Streptococcus, Allococcus, ESC (Eduarselli icturis) and Columnaris.  Aqua MedZyme  probiotic has been found effective against these gram negative pathogens in the aquatic environment of Water Garden Ponds, Koi Ponds as well as many commercial fish farm applications.  No other probiotic formula has undergone such extensive testing under severe conditions. Aqua MedZyme has been tested in water borne applications for Koi, Goldfish and other fish species and is the only probiotic to undergo major testing in real world commercial farms.

The Benefits of Antimicrobial Peptides

Antimicrobial peptides (also called host defence peptides) are an evolutionarily conserved component of the innate immune response produced by specialized Bacillus probiotic microbes. Aqua MedZyme produces a small peptide that has been shown to out compete or control gram negative pathogens through peptide production and competitive exclusion in both the aquatic aqueous environment or through systemic application. This action is unique among probiotic products.

These peptides are potent, broad spectrum antimicrobial proteins which demonstrate potential as novel therapeutic agents. Antimicrobial peptides have been demonstrated to kill gram negative bacteria (including strains that are resistant to conventional antibiotics), enveloped viruses, and fungi. Unlike the majority of conventional antibiotics it appears as though antimicrobial peptides may also have the ability to enhance immunity of treated fish. This formula used in the preparation of Aqua MedZyme is what sets it apart from conventional so called probiotics.

Aqua MedZyme™ Enhances Nitrification

Aqua MedZyme will not harm beneficial microbes and is used in conjunction with beneficial microbial products. It will not harm biofilter microbes such as Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacters, but in fact will enhance nitrification through competitive exclusion of heterotrophic microbes that tend to block efficient nitrification.

New studies indicate more potential benefits from using Aqua MedZyme™

New studies have indicated the Aqua MedZyme treatments given on a continuous treatment for 7 days may cause inborn immunity in certain species of fingerling fish so that fish remain resistant to infection once re-exposed. Continuing university studies are looking into this mechanism and the potential for an aqueous vaccine using the Aqua MedZyme formula. This formula represents a major breakthrough in Probiotic treatment and the potential to help all fish keeping operations without the use of antibiotics.

When you look for quality probiotic product you want to rely on a product like Aqua MedZyme,  that has been extensively  tested in commercial applications world wide and one strong enough to do the job right. There is no other formula like Aqua MedZyme for the Water Garden, Koi and Goldfish Pond. The Quality is in the science. 



* FAQ about Aqua MedZyme link: Aqua MedZyme™

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