I have purchased koi and supplies from Inland Koi many times. I have never been dissatisfied. It is extremely easy to order from Inland. The shipping cost is fair. Delivery time is fast. They offer quality products. The koi are healthy and beautiful. I would not hesitate to recommend Inland to anyone. THEY ARE FANTASTIC TO DO BUSINESS WITH!
-Julie A.
Sept. 13, 2005

The variety of choices that this vendor carries are enourmous and having lots to choose from is very important. Communication is excellent, the vendor is very easy to get a hold of and all my questions have been answered. I recommend anyone interested in acquiring koi fish or supplies to use Inland Koi.
-Igor C.
Jun. 4, 2007

Pinnacle Filter

Pinnacle Filter
Regular price: $3,250.00
Congratulations, you are looking at the most technologically advanced pond filter on the market. The Pinnacle Filters concept was conceived due to the need for a filter that would allow the owner of a large pond to be able to filter it without the use of high energy consumption pumps. The design of the Pinnacle Filter is such that you can use 2 energy saving pumps instead of 1 large high energy pump. For instance, some hp pumps only use 2.5 amps @ 115 volts. This means that you can filter a 20,000-25,000 gallon pond and use only 5 amps. No other filter made can make these claims. You can rest assured that your Pinnacle Filter was built with pride to give you many years of dependable service. Made of durable fiberglass, your filter boasts a 10 year non-prorated warranty and The optimum flow sidemount valve, rated at a 5.5 psi drop @ 95 gpm, has one of the lowest head pressure ratings on the market. The1hp Hydra Thrust Blower are now standard equipment on all Fluidart Filters.

In most ponds the filter needs 4-6 weeks to mature and start performing the way it was intended. After the maturation process the Pinnacle Filter can handle fish loads of 450 lbs. Fed at 1% body weight. You demand the best for your money so insist on the best from your dealer.

Introducing the Water Miser Drain. The Water Miser Drain comes standard on the Pinnacle filter making a near perfect filter even better. The Water Miser drain allows an Ultra low volume backwash if water is expensive, in short supply, or you have a low volume heavily stocked pond.
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