I have purchased koi and supplies from Inland Koi many times. I have never been dissatisfied. It is extremely easy to order from Inland. The shipping cost is fair. Delivery time is fast. They offer quality products. The koi are healthy and beautiful. I would not hesitate to recommend Inland to anyone. THEY ARE FANTASTIC TO DO BUSINESS WITH!
-Julie A.
Sept. 13, 2005

The variety of choices that this vendor carries are enourmous and having lots to choose from is very important. Communication is excellent, the vendor is very easy to get a hold of and all my questions have been answered. I recommend anyone interested in acquiring koi fish or supplies to use Inland Koi.
-Igor C.
Jun. 4, 2007

July 2009 Shipment

Niigata 387<br> 14"-16" Hoshikin Kohaku <br>$500/eachNiigata 386<br> 14"-16" Hoshikin Kohaku <br>$500/eachNiigata 388<br> 14"-16" Hoshikin Kohaku <br>$500/each
Niigata 389<br> 14"-16" Hoshikin Kohaku <br>$500/eachNiigata 390<br> 14"-16" Hoshikin Kohaku <br>$500/eachNiigata 392<br> 15"-17" Hoshikin Kohaku <br>$1200/each
Niigata 393<br> 15"-17" Hoshikin Kohaku <br>$1200/eachNiigata 394<br> 21"-22" Hoshikin Tancho <br>$3800Niigata 395<br> 23"-24" Hoshikin Tancho <br>$4200
Niigata 397 <br> 13"-16" Tancho <br> $500-$1200/eachNiigata 396<br> 16" Hoshikin Kohaku <br>$1200Niigata 398 <br> 13"-17" Mixed Variety <br> $400-$600/each
Niigata 399 <br> 13"-16" Mixed Variety <br> $400-$600/eachNiigata 400<br> 8"-10" Mixed Variety <br> $100-$200/eachNiigata 401<br> 8"-10" Mixed Variety <br> $100-$200/each
Niigata 402<br> 8"-11" Mixed Variety <br> $100-$200/eachNiigata 403<br> 8"-10" Mixed Variety <br> $100-$200/eachNiigata 404<br> 6"-8" Ginrin Yamabuki Ogon
Niigata 405<br> 8"-10" Mixed Variety Niigata 406<br> 8"-10" Mixed VarietyNiigata 407<br> 6"-7" Mixed Variety
Niigata 408<br> 6"-7" Mixed VarietyNiigata 409<br> 6"-8" Mixed Variety Niigata 410<br> 6"-8" Mixed Variety
Niigata 411<br> 6"-8" Mixed Variety Niigata 412<br> 6"-8" Mixed Variety Niigata 413<br> 6"-8" Mixed Variety
Niigata 414<br> 21"-23" Izumiya Yamabuki Ogon <br>$1200 - $1500 /eachNiigata 415<br> 6"-8" Mixed VarietyNiigata 416<br> 6"-8" Mixed Variety
Niigata 417<br> 6"-8" Mixed VarietyNiigata 418<br> 6"-8" Mixed VarietyNiigata 419<br> 6"-8" Mixed Variety
Niigata 420<br> 5"-6" Mixed VarietyNiigata 421<br> 5"-6" Mixed VarietyNiigata 422<br> 5"-6" Mixed Variety
Niigata 423<br> 5"-6" Mixed VarietyNiigata 424<br> 5"-8" Mixed VarietyNiigata 425<br> 4"-5" Kaneko Shiro Utsuri
Niigata 426<br> 4"-5" Kaneko Shiro UtsuriNiigata 427<br> 4"-5" Kaneko Shiro UtsuriNiigata 428<br> 4"-5" Kaneko Shiro Utsuri
Niigata 429<br> 5"-7" Mixed VarietyNiigata 430<br> 5"-7" Mixed VarietyNiigata 431<br> 5"-7" Mixed Variety
Niigata 432<br> 5"-7" Mixed VarietyNiigata 433<br> 5"-7" Mixed VarietyNiigata 434<br> 5"-7" Mixed Variety
Niigata 435<br> 5"-7" Mixed VarietyNiigata 436<br> 5"-7" Mixed VarietyNiigata 437<br> 5"-7" Mixed Variety
Niigata 438<br> 6"-8" Mixed VarietyNiigata 439<br> 6"-8" Mixed VarietyNiigata 440<br> 6"-8" Mixed Variety
Niigata 441<br> 6"-8" Mixed VarietyNiigata 442<br> 6"-8" Mixed VarietyNiigata 443<br> 6"-8" Mixed Variety
Niigata 444<br> 5"-7" Mixed VarietyNiigata 445<br> 5"-7" Mixed VarietyNiigata 446<br> 5"-7" Mixed Variety
Niigata 447<br> 5"-7" Mixed VarietyNiigata 448<br> 5"-7" Mixed VarietyNiigata 449<br> 5"-7" Mixed Variety
Niigata 450<br> 6"-8" Mixed VarietyNiigata 451<br> 14"-16" Mixed VarietyNiigata 452<br> 14"-16" Mixed Variety

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