I have purchased koi and supplies from Inland Koi many times. I have never been dissatisfied. It is extremely easy to order from Inland. The shipping cost is fair. Delivery time is fast. They offer quality products. The koi are healthy and beautiful. I would not hesitate to recommend Inland to anyone. THEY ARE FANTASTIC TO DO BUSINESS WITH!
-Julie A.
Sept. 13, 2005

The variety of choices that this vendor carries are enourmous and having lots to choose from is very important. Communication is excellent, the vendor is very easy to get a hold of and all my questions have been answered. I recommend anyone interested in acquiring koi fish or supplies to use Inland Koi.
-Igor C.
Jun. 4, 2007

October 2011 Shipment

Niigata 987<br> 20" Ginrin Shiro Utsuri <br>$2000 Niigata 988 <br>21"-22" Yamabuki Ogon <br> $1800/eachNiigata 989 <br>25"-26" Showa <br> $2800
Niigata 991 <br> 21" Lemon Hariwake <br>$1200Niigata 992 <br> 20"-22" Yamato Nishiki <br> $900/eachNiigata 993 <br> Mix Variety <br> $900 - $1200/each
Niigata 994 <br> 18"-21" Mix Variety <br> $900/eachNiigata 995 <br> 20"-22" Mix Variety <br> $900/eachNiigata 996 <br> 18" Goshiki <br> $1600
Niigata 997 <br> 18"-19" Goshiki <br> $1600 Niigata 998 <br> 16"-17" Tancho Goshiki <br> $1200/eachNiigata 999 <br> 15"-17" Tancho Goshiki <br> $600 - $800/each
Niigata 1000 <br> 15"-17" Tancho Goshiki <br> $700/eachNiigata 1001 <br> 15" Tancho Yamato Nishiki <br> $700Niigata 1002 <br> 18"-19" Ginrin Soragoi <br> $1000 - $1200/each
Niigata 1003 <br> 18"-19" Ginrin Matsuwakabake <br> $900Niigata 1004 <br> 18"-19" Ginrin Ki Utsuri <br> $900/eachNiigata 1005  <br> 17"-18" Ginrin Ki Utsuri <br> $900
Niigata 1006 <br> 18" Ginrin Ki Utsuri <br> $900Niigata 1007 <br> 18" Ginrin Ki Utsuri <br> $900Niigata 1008 <br> 18" Ginrin Ki Utsuri <br> $900
Niigata 1009 <br> 17" Doitsu Showa <br> $600Niigata 1010 <br> 14"-16" Mix Variety <br> $400-$600/eachNiigata 1011 <br> 14"-16" Mix Variety <br> $400-$500/each
Niigata 1012 <br> 14"-16" Mix Variety <br> $400-$450/eachNiigata 1013 <br> 14"-16" Mix Variety <br> $450-$475/eachNiigata 1014 <br> 14"-16" Mix Variety <br> $450-$500/each
Niigata 1015 <br> 13"-16" Mix Variety <br> $350-$400/eachNiigata 1016 <br> 13"-16" Mix Variety <br> $400/eachNiigata 1017 <br> 14"-17" Mix Variety <br> $400-$600/each
Niigata 1018 <br> 14"-16" Mix Variety <br> $400-$600/eachNiigata 1019 <br> 9"-14" Mix Variety <br> $250-$400/eachNiigata 1020 <br>12"-14" Budo Goromo<br>$450-$500/each
Niigata 1021 <br>12"-14" Ginrin Budo Goromo<br>$450-$500/eachNiigata 1022 <br> 12"-13" Ginrin Goshiki <br>$450Niigata 1023 <br>12"-14" Beni Kumonryu <br>$400/each
Niigata 1024 <br> 9"-12" Goshiki <br> $400/eachNiigata 1025<br> 14"-16" Mix Variety <br>$450/eachNiigata 1026<br> 14"-15" Mix Variety <br>$450/each
Niigata 1027<br> 12"-15" Showa <br>$400/eachNiigata 1028<br> 13"-15" Showa <br>$400/eachNiigata 1029<br> 12"-14" Ginrin Shiro Utsuri <br>$400/each
Niigata 1030<br> 13"-16" Ki Utsuri <br>$450/eachNiigata 1031<br> 17" Ginrin Chagoi <br>$600Niigata 1032 <br> 15"-16" Mix Variety <br> $400-$500/each
Niigata 1033 <br> 14"-16" Mix Variety <br> $450-$500/eachNiigata 1034 <br> 14"-16" Mix Variety <br> $450/eachNiigata 1035 <br> 14"-15" Ginrin Tancho Goshiki <br> $500
Niigata 1036<br>6"-9" Mix Variety<br> $125/eachNiigata 1037<br>6"-9" Mix Variety<br> $125/eachNiigata 1038<br>6"-9" Mix Variety<br> $125/each
Niigata 1039<br>6"-9" Mix Variety<br> $125/eachNiigata 1040<br>6"-9" Mix Variety<br> $125/eachNiigata 1041 <br>6"-8" Mix Variety <br> $95/each
Niigata 1042 <br>6"-8" Mix Variety <br> $95/eachNiigata 1043 <br>6"-8" Mix Variety <br> $95/eachNiigata 1044 <br>6"-8" Mix Variety <br> $95/each
Niigata 1045 <br>6"-8" Mix Variety <br> $95/eachNiigata 1046 <br>6"-8" Mix Variety <br> $95/eachNiigata 1047 <br>6"-8" Mix Variety <br> $95/each
Niigata 1048 <br>6"-8" Mix Variety <br> $95/eachNiigata 1049 <br>6"-8" Mix Variety <br> $95/eachNiigata 1050 <br>6"-8" Mix Variety <br> $95/each
Niigata 1051 <br>8"-10" Mix Variety <br> $175/eachNiigata 1052 <br>8"-10" Mix Variety <br> $175/eachNiigata 1053 <br>8"-10" Mix Variety <br> $175/each

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