I have purchased koi and supplies from Inland Koi many times. I have never been dissatisfied. It is extremely easy to order from Inland. The shipping cost is fair. Delivery time is fast. They offer quality products. The koi are healthy and beautiful. I would not hesitate to recommend Inland to anyone. THEY ARE FANTASTIC TO DO BUSINESS WITH!
-Julie A.
Sept. 13, 2005

The variety of choices that this vendor carries are enourmous and having lots to choose from is very important. Communication is excellent, the vendor is very easy to get a hold of and all my questions have been answered. I recommend anyone interested in acquiring koi fish or supplies to use Inland Koi.
-Igor C.
Jun. 4, 2007

October 2014 Shipment

Niigata 1631 <br>21"-22" Isa Tancho Showa <br>$3200Niigata 1632 <br>19"-20" Isa Tancho Showa <br>$2600Niigata 1633 <br>19" Isa Tancho Showa <br>$2600
Niigata 1634 <br>20"-21" Isa Tancho Showa <br>$1600Niigata 1635 <br>20"-21" Isa Tancho Showa <br>$1600Niigata 1636 <br>18"-19" Tancho Goshiki <br>$2400
Niigata 1637 <br>17" Tancho Goshiki <br>$2200Niigata 1638 <br>25" Doitsu Shiro Utsuri <br>$6000Niigata 1639 <br>26"-27" Kohaku <br>$4800
Niigata 1640 <br>16" Ginrin Tancho Goshiki <br>$1200
Niigata 1641 <br>16"-17" Tancho Goshiki <br>$1400Niigata 1642 <br>17" Tancho Goshiki <br>$1400
Niigata 1643 <br>16"-17" Ginrin Tancho Goshiki <br>$1200Niigata 1644 <br>22"-23" Shiro Utsuri <br>$2400Niigata 1645 <br>21" Shiro Utsuri <br>$2200
Niigata 1646 <br>19" Showa <br>$2400Niigata 1647 <br>20" Showa <br>$1800Niigata 1648 <br>18"-19" Showa <br>$1800
Niigata 1649 <br>18"-20" Mix Variety <br>$900-$1200/eachNiigata 1650 <br>18"-20" Mix Variety <br>$900-$1200/eachNiigata 1651 <br>18"-20" Mix Variety <br>$1200-$1400/each
Niigata 1652 <br>18"-20" Mix Variety <br>$1200/eachNiigata 1653 <br>18"-20" Mix Variety <br>$900-$1200/eachNiigata 1654 <br>18"-23" Mix Variety <br>$1000-$1500/each
Niigata 1655 <br>18" Ginrin Budo Goromo <br>$1600Niigata 1656 <br>19"-20" Hoshikin Kohaku <br>$2600Niigata 1657 <br>21" Hoshikin Kohaku <br>$2600
Niigata 1658 <br>21"-22" Hoshikin Kohaku <br>$2400Niigata 1659 <br>21"-22" Hoshikin Kohaku <br>$2600Niigata 1660 <br>19"-20" Hoshikin Kohaku <br>$2400
Niigata 1661 <br>20" Hoshikin Inazuma Kohaku <br>$2600Niigata 1662 <br>20"-21" Hoshikin Kohaku <br>$2600Niigata 1664 <br>20"-21" Lemon Hariwake <br>$1400
Niigata 1665 <br>19"-20" Lemon Hariwake <br>$1400Niigata 1666 <br>20"-21" Kujaku <br>$2200Niigata 1667 <br>22" Inazuma Kujaku <br>$2800
Niigata 1668 <br>19" Doitsu Kujaku <br>$1800Niigata 1669 <br>19"-20" Doitsu Kujaku <br>$1800Niigata 1671 <br>18"-19" Beni Kikokuryu <br>$1800
Niigata 1672 <br>18" Doitsu Kohaku <br>$1500Niigata 1673 <br>16"-18" Mix Variety <br>$700Niigata 1674 <br>16"-18" Mix Variety <br>$700
Niigata 1675 <br>14"-16" Hi Utsuri <br>$600Niigata 1676 <br>14"-16" Hi Utsuri <br>$600Niigata 1677 <br>14"-16" Hi Utsuri <br>$600
Niigata 1678 <br>14"-16" Doitsu Kohaku <br>$600Niigata 1679 <br>14"-16" Mix Variety <br>$600Niigata 1680 <br>14"-16" Mix Variety <br>$600
Niigata 1681 <br>14"-16" Mix Variety <br>$450-$500Niigata 1682 <br>14"-16" Mix Variety <br>$500Niigata 1683 <br>14"-16" Mix Variety <br>$500
Niigata 1684 <br>14"-16" Mix Variety <br>$500Niigata 1685 <br>14"-15" Mix Variety <br>$500Niigata 1686 <br>14"-16" Mix Variety <br>$500
Niigata 1687 <br>14"-16" Mix Variety <br>$500Niigata 1688 <br>14"-16" Midorigoi <br>$400Niigata 1689 <br>14"-16" Mix Variety <br>$475
Niigata 1690 <br>14"-16" Mix Variety <br>$475Niigata 1691 <br>14"-16" Mix Variety <br>$450Niigata 1692 <br>14"-16" Mix Variety <br>$450
Niigata 1693 <br>14"-16" Mix Variety <br>$450-$500/eachNiigata 1694 <br>14"-15" Kujaku <br>$450/eachNiigata 1695 <br>13" Ginrin Goshiki <br>$500/each
Niigata 1696 <br>13"-14"  Kikusui <br>$500/eachNiigata 1697 <br>13"-14" Doitsu Kin Kikokuryu <br>$450Niigata 1698 <br>13"-15" Mix Variety <br>$400
Niigata 1699 <br>13"-15" Mix Variety <br>$400Niigata 1700 <br>16"-18" Mix Variety <br>$600-$800/eachNiigata 1701 <br>16"-18" Mix Variety <br>$600-$800/each
Niigata 1703 <br>16"-18" Mix Variety <br>$600-$800/eachNiigata 1704 <br>16"-18" Mix Variety <br>$700-$800/eachNiigata 1705 <br>16"-18" Mix Variety <br>$600-$800/each
Niigata 1706 <br>16"-18" Mix Variety <br>$700/eachNiigata 1707 <br>17"-18" Doitsu Showa <br>$1200/each

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