I have purchased koi and supplies from Inland Koi many times. I have never been dissatisfied. It is extremely easy to order from Inland. The shipping cost is fair. Delivery time is fast. They offer quality products. The koi are healthy and beautiful. I would not hesitate to recommend Inland to anyone. THEY ARE FANTASTIC TO DO BUSINESS WITH!
-Julie A.
Sept. 13, 2005

The variety of choices that this vendor carries are enourmous and having lots to choose from is very important. Communication is excellent, the vendor is very easy to get a hold of and all my questions have been answered. I recommend anyone interested in acquiring koi fish or supplies to use Inland Koi.
-Igor C.
Jun. 4, 2007

October 2010 Shipment

Niigata 763<br> 18"-20" Mixed Variety <br>$900/eachNiigata 764<br> 18"-20" Mixed Variety <br>$900-$1200/eachNiigata 765<br> 18"-20" Mixed Variety <br>$900/each
Niigata 766<br> 18"-20" Mixed Variety <br>$900-$1200/eachNiigata 767<br> 19" Ginrin Ki Utsuri Niigata 768<br> 18"-19" Tancho Showa
Niigata 769<br> 18" Tancho Showa <br>$1600Niigata 770<br> 19" Shiro Utsuri <br>$2800Niigata 771<br> 20" Hi Showa
Niigata 772<br> 20"-21" Ginrin Asagi <br>$1500Niigata 773<br> 15" Tancho Showa Niigata 774<br> 18" Sanke <br>$1200
Niigata 775<br> 14"-15" Beni Kikokuryu <br>$800/eachNiigata 776<br> 14"-16" Mixed Variety <br>Niigata 777<br> 14"-16" Mixed Variety <br>
Niigata 778<br> 14"-16" Mixed Variety <br>Niigata 779<br> 14"-16" Mixed Variety <br>Niigata 780<br> 14"-16" Mixed Variety <br>
Niigata 781<br> 14"-16" Mixed Variety <br>Niigata 782<br> 14"-16" Mixed Variety <br>Niigata 783<br> 14"-16" Mixed Variety <br>
Niigata 784<br> 14"-16" Mixed Variety <br>Niigata 785<br> 13"-15" Mixed Variety <br>Niigata 786<br> 22" Asagi
Niigata 787<br> 18"-19" Doitsu Ochiba <br> $1400/eachNiigata 788<br> 20" Showa <br> $1800Niigata 789<br> 18" Showa <br>$900
Niigata 790<br> 14"-15" Doitsu Showa Niigata 792<br> 14"-16" Doitsu Showa <br> $600/eachNiigata 793<br> 16.5"-17.5" Ochiba <br> $800/each
Niigata 795<br> 17"-18" Tancho Kin Showa <br> $900Niigata 796<br> 17"-18" Tancho Kohaku <br> $800Niigata 797<br> 14" Doitsu Showa <br> $800
Niigata 798<br> 14"-16" Mixed Variety <br> $600/eachNiigata 799<br> 12"-18" Mixed Variety <br>Niigata 800<br> 18" Goshiki <br>$800
Niigata 801<br> 20"-22" Mixed Variety <br> $900/eachNiigata 802<br> 20"-22" Mixed Variety <br> $900/eachNiigata 803<br> 20"-22" Mixed Variety <br> $900/each
Niigata 804<br> 20"-22" Mixed Variety <br> $900/eachNiigata 806<br> 20"-22" Mixed Variety <br> $900/eachNiigata 807<br> 17"-18" Lemon Hariwake <br> $900
Niigata 808<br> 20"-22" Mixed Variety <br> $900/eachNiigata 809<br> 14"-16" Shiro Utsuri <br> $475/eachNiigata 810<br> 14"-16" Mixed Variety <br> $475/each
Niigata 811<br> 14"-16" Mixed Variety <br> $475/eachNiigata 812<br> 15"-17" Kohaku <br> $600/eachNiigata 813<br> 14"-16" Mixed Variety <br>
Niigata 814<br> 13"-15" Mixed Variety <br> $450/eachNiigata 815<br> 13"-14" Kikokuryu <br> $450/eachNiigata 816<br> 13"-16" Mixed Variety <br> $400/each
Niigata 817<br> 12"-15" Mixed Variety <br> Niigata 818<br> 13"-16" Mixed Variety <br> $400/eachNiigata 819<br> 13"-16" Mixed Variety <br> $400/each
Niigata 820<br> 13"-16" Showa <br> $400/eachNiigata 821<br> 13" Hi Showa <br> $400Niigata 822<br> 14"-16" Mixed Variety <br>
Niigata 823<br> 14"-16" Mixed Variety <br> Niigata 824<br> 14"-16" Shiro Utsuri <br> $475/eachNiigata 825<br> 14"-16" Shiro Utsuri <br> $475/each
Niigata 826<br> 14"-16" Mixed Variety <br> $475/eachNiigata 827<br> 13"-15" Mixed Variety <br>Niigata 828<br> 13"-15" Mixed Variety <br>
Niigata 829<br> 14"-15" Ginrin Platinum <br>$350/eachNiigata 830<br> 13"-15" Mixed Variety <br> Niigata 831<br> 14"-15" Ginrin Kigoi (Red Eyes)
Niigata 832<br> 15"-16" Goromo <br> $600/eachNiigata 833<br> 13"-14" Ginga<br> $450/eachNiigata 834<br> 14"-16" Tancho Goshiki <br>
Niigata 835<br> 14"-16" Mixed Variety <br> Niigata 836<br> 15" Showa <br> $600Niigata 837<br> 14"-16" Showa <br>
Niigata 838<br> 15"-16" Goshiki <br> $575/each Niigata 839<br> 13"-16" Mixed Variety <br> Niigata 841<br> 14"-16" Mixed Variety <br>
Niigata 842<br> 13"-16" Mixed Variety <br> Niigata 794<br> 22" Kumonryu Niigata 791<br> 20" Ai Goromo

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