I have purchased koi and supplies from Inland Koi many times. I have never been dissatisfied. It is extremely easy to order from Inland. The shipping cost is fair. Delivery time is fast. They offer quality products. The koi are healthy and beautiful. I would not hesitate to recommend Inland to anyone. THEY ARE FANTASTIC TO DO BUSINESS WITH!
-Julie A.
Sept. 13, 2005

The variety of choices that this vendor carries are enourmous and having lots to choose from is very important. Communication is excellent, the vendor is very easy to get a hold of and all my questions have been answered. I recommend anyone interested in acquiring koi fish or supplies to use Inland Koi.
-Igor C.
Jun. 4, 2007

April 2008 Shipment

Niigata 103<br>5"-7" Fingerling  Sample(total 3000 tosai)Niigata 104<br>6"-9" Fingerling  Sample(total 3000 tosai)Niigata 105<br>4"-6" Fingerling  Sample(total 3000 tosai)
Niigata 106<br>6"-8" Fingerling  Sample(total 3000 tosai)Niigata 107<br>6"-8" Fingerling Sample (total 3000 tosai)Niigata 108<br>7"-9" Fingerling Sample (total 3000 tosai)
Niigata 109<br>5"-7" Fingerling Sample (total 3000 tosai)Niigata 110<br>5"-7" Fingerling Sample (total 3000 tosai)Niigata 111<br>5"-7" Fingerling Sample (total 3000 tosai)
Niigata 112<br>6"-8" Butterfly Sample (total 3000 tosai)Niigata 113<br>5"-6" Fingerling Sample (total 3000 tosai)Niigata 114<br>11"-14" Hoshikin Tancho
Niigata 115 <br>12"-14" Hoshikin Tancho Niigata 116<br>12"-14" Hoshikin TanchoNiigata 117 <br>12"-14" Hoshikin Tancho
Niigata 118<br>12"-14" Hoshikin TanchoNiigata 119<br>12"-14" Hoshikin TanchoNiigata 120<br>13"-15" Hoshikin Kohaku
Niigata 121<br>13"-15" Hoshikin KohakuNiigata 122<br>13"-15" Hoshikin KohakuNiigata 123<br>13"-15" Hoshikin Kohaku
Niigata 124<br>13"-15" Hoshikin KohakuNiigata 125<br>13"-15" Hoshikin KohakuNiigata 126<br>13"-15" Hoshikin Kohaku
Niigata 127<br>14"-16" Ginrin Ki UtsuriNiigata 128<br>14"-16" Ginrin Ki UtsuriNiigata 129<br>14"-16" Ginrin Ki Utsuri
Niigata 130<br>14"-16" Ginrin Ki UtsuriNiigata 131<br>14"-16" Mixed Variety KoiNiigata 132<br>15"-17" Doitsu Tancho Sanke
Niigata 132<br>15"-17" Ai GoromoNiigata 134<br>13"-14" Ai GoromoNiigata 135<br>15"-17" Ginrin Showa
Niigata 136<br>12"-14" GoshikiNiigata 137<br>14"-16" Doitsu HariwakeNiigata 138<br>14"-16" Doitsu Hariwake & Midorigoi
Niigata 139<br>14"-16" Doitsu Hariwake & KujakuNiigata 140<br>14"-16" Doitsu HariwakeNiigata 141<br>5"-7" Ayawakaba & Midorigoi
Niigata 142<br>5"-7" Ayawakaba & MidorigoiNiigata 143<br>5"-7" Mixed Variety KoiNiigata 144<br>5"-7" Mixed Variety Koi
Niigata 145<br>5"-7" Mixed Variety KoiNiigata 146<br>5"-8" Mixed Variety KoiNiigata 147<br>5"-8" Mixed Variety Koi
Niigata 148<br>5"-8" Mixed Variety KoiNiigata 149<br>5"-8" Mixed Variety KoiNiigata 150<br>5"-8" Mixed Variety Koi
Niigata 151<br>5"-8" Mixed Variety KoiNiigata 152<br>5"-8" Mixed Variety KoiNiigata 153<br>5"-8" Mixed Variety Koi
Niigata 154<br>5"-8" Mixed Variety KoiNiigata 155<br>5"-8" Mixed Variety KoiNiigata 156<br>5"-8" Mixed Variety Koi
Niigata 157<br>5"-8" Mixed Variety KoiNiigata 158<br>5"-8" Mixed Variety KoiNiigata 159<br>5"-8" Mixed Variety Koi
Niigata 160<br>5"-8" Mixed Variety KoiNiigata 161<br>5"-8" Mixed Variety KoiNiigata 162<br>5"-7" Ginrin Yamabuki Ogon
Niigata 163<br>5"-7" Mixed Variety KoiNiigata 164<br>6"-8" KohakuNiigata 165<br>6"-8" Kohaku
Niigata 166<br>6"-8" KohakuNiigata 167<br>6"-9" ShowaNiigata 168<br>6"-9" Showa
Niigata 169<br>6"-9" ShowaNiigata 170<br>6"-9" ShowaNiigata 171<br>6"-9" Showa
Niigata 172<br>6"-9" ShowaNiigata 173<br>6"-9" ShowaNiigata 174<br>6"-9" Showa
Niigata 175<br>6"-9" ShowaNiigata 176<br>6"-8" Mixed Variety Koi Niigata 177<br>6"-8" Mixed Variety Koi
Niigata 178<br>6"-8"  Mixed Variety KoiNiigata 179<br>4"-6" AsagiNiigata 180<br>5"-7" Mixed Variety Koi
Niigata 181<br>5"-7" Mixed Variety KoiNiigata 182<br>5"-7"  Mixed Variety KoiNiigata 183<br>5"-8"  Mixed Variety Koi
Niigata 184<br>8"-10" Seijuro Tategoi<br>$300 - $400/eachNiigata 185<br>8"-10" Seijuro Tategoi<br>$300 - $500/eachNiigata 186<br>8"-10" Seijuro Tategoi<br>$300 - $500/each
Niigata 187<br>8"-10" Seijuro Tategoi<br>$300 - $500/eachNiigata 188<br>8"-10" Seijuro Tategoi<br>$300 - $500/eachNiigata 189<br>8"-10" Seijuro Tategoi<br>$300 - $500/each
Niigata 190<br>8"-10" Seijuro Tategoi<br>$300 - $500/eachNiigata 191<br>8"-10" Seijuro Tategoi<br>$300 - $500/eachNiigata 192<br>8"-10" Seijuro Tategoi<br>$300 - $500/each
Niigata 193<br>8"-10" Seijuro Tategoi<br>$300 - $500/eachNiigata 194<br>8"-10" Seijuro Tategoi<br>$300 - $500/each

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