I have purchased koi and supplies from Inland Koi many times. I have never been dissatisfied. It is extremely easy to order from Inland. The shipping cost is fair. Delivery time is fast. They offer quality products. The koi are healthy and beautiful. I would not hesitate to recommend Inland to anyone. THEY ARE FANTASTIC TO DO BUSINESS WITH!
-Julie A.
Sept. 13, 2005

The variety of choices that this vendor carries are enourmous and having lots to choose from is very important. Communication is excellent, the vendor is very easy to get a hold of and all my questions have been answered. I recommend anyone interested in acquiring koi fish or supplies to use Inland Koi.
-Igor C.
Jun. 4, 2007

October 2009 Shipment

Niigata 453<br> 19"-21" Female Ginrin Goshiki <br>$1600/eachNiigata 454<br> 19"-20" Female Goshiki <br>$1600Niigata 455<br> 20"-21" Female Goshiki <br>$1800
Niigata 456<br> 19"-21" Female Goshiki Niigata 457<br> 16"-17" Mixed Variety <br>$1000 - $1400Niigata 458<br> 15" -17" Tancho Goshiki <br>$1200 - $1500
Niigata 459<br> 14"-16" Goromo <br>$400/eachNiigata 460<br> 14"-16" Goromo <br>$400/eachNiigata 461<br> 14"-16" Mixed Variety <br>$350 - $400/each
Niigata 462<br> 12"-14" Mixed Variety <br>$350/eachNiigata 463<br> 17"-20" Mixed Variety <br>$1000 - $1200/eachNiigata 464 <br>20"-23" Yamabuki Ogon <br> $1200 - $1500/each
Niigata 465 <br>18" Maruten Showa <br> $1400Niigata 466<br>17" Kujaku <br> $900Niigata 467 <br>19" - 20" Hiroi Goshiki <br> $1500
Niigata 468 <br>17"-18" Mixed Variety <br> $500 - $800/eachNiigata 469<br>13"-15" Mixed Variety <br> $350 - $400/eachNiigata 470<br>23" Ginrin Ochiba<br> $2400
Niigata 471<br>22" Ginrin Chagoi<br> $1800Niigata 472<br>20" - 21" Ginrin Platinum<br> $1200/eachNiigata 473<br>20" -21" Aka Matsuba<br> $1200
Niigata 474<br>20" - 21" Ai Goromo<br> $1600Niigata 475<br>20" - 21" Ai Goromo<br> $1600Niigata 476<br>17" -18" Female Doitsu <br>Tancho Showa $1400
Niigata 477<br>19" - 20" Female Doitsu<br> Benigoi $1400Niigata 478<br>18" - 19" Maruten Sanke<br> $1400Niigata 479 <br>14"-16" Ki Utsuri<br> $400/each
Niigata 480 <br>18" Female Matsukawabake<br> $1400Niigata 481 <br>13"-15" Shiro Utsuri<br> $400/eachNiigata 482 <br>13"-15" Shiro Utsuri<br> $400/each
Niigata 483 <br>14"-16" Mixed Variety<br> $450/eachNiigata 484 <br>14"-15" Mixed Variety<br> $450/eachNiigata 485 <br>13"-16" Mixed Variety<br> $450/each
Niigata 486 <br>12"-14" Mixed Variety<br> $450/eachNiigata 487<br>12"-14" Beni Kumonryu<br> $400/eachNiigata 488<br>11"- 12" Showa<br> $300/each
Niigata 489<br>11"- 12" Showa<br> $300/eachNiigata 490<br>11"- 12" Showa<br> $300/eachNiigata 491<br>14"- 16" Showa<br> $400 - $500/each
Niigata 492<br>17"- 18" Mixed Variety<br> $600/eachNiigata 493<br>12"- 13" Ki Mizuho<br> $300/eachNiigata 494<br>13"- 14" Kin Aka Matsuba<br> $300/each
Niigata 495 <br>22" Hajiro <br>$1800Niigata 496 <br>21" Ginrin Hi Utsuri <br>$1500Niigata 497 <br>21"-22" Yamabuki Ogon <br>$1800
Niigata 498 <br>24" Sanke <br>$1500/eachNiigata 499 <br>24" Sanke <br>$1200 - $1400/eachNiigata 500 <br>16" - 20" Kujaku <br>$500 - $900/each
Niigata 501<br>18"-20" Kujaku<br>$900/eachNiigata 502<br>19"-23" Ginrin SoragoiNiigata 503<br>14"-15" Mixed Variety<br>$400 - $500/each
Niigata 504<br>14" -17" Mixed Variety <br>$450 - $500Niigata 505<br>15" -16" Mixed Variety <br>$400/eachNiigata 506<br>19" -20" Ginrin Ki Utsuri <br>$1000
Niigata 507<br>18" Ginrin Ki Utsuri <br>$1200Niigata 508<br>13" -15" Shusui <br>$400/eachNiigata 509<br>21"-22" Hi Shusui<br>
Niigata 510<br>14"-15" Shusui <br> $400/eachNiigata 511<br>14"-16" Mixed Variety <br> $400 - $450/eachNiigata 512<br>14"-16" Mixed Variety <br> $400 - $450/each
Niigata 513<br>14"-16" Mixed Variety <br> $400 - $450/eachNiigata 514<br>14"-16" Mixed Variety <br> $400/eachNiigata 515<br>14"-16" Mixed Variety <br> $400 - $450/each
Niigata 516<br>14"-16" Mixed Variety <br> $400 - $450/eachNiigata 517<br>17" Tancho <br> $1200Niigata 518<br>21"-22" Female Ki Mizuho <br> $1800
Niigata 519<br>21"-22" Female Shiro Utsuri <br> Niigata 520<br>21"-22" Ki Mizuho <br> Niigata 521<br>17" -18" Tancho <br> $900/each
Niigata 522<br>16"-17" Ginrin Shiro UtsuriNiigata 533<br>6"-8" Mixed VarietyNiigata 524<br>6"-8" Mixed Variety
Niigata 525<br>6"-8" Mixed VarietyNiigata 526<br>6"-8" Mixed VarietyNiigata 527<br>6"-8" Mixed Variety
Niigata 528<br>6"-8" Mixed VarietyNiigata 529<br>6"-8" Mixed VarietyNiigata 530<br>6"-8" Mixed Variety
Niigata 531 <br> 6"-8" Mixed VarietyNiigata 532 <br> 6"-8" Mixed VarietyNiigata 534 <br> 6"-8" Mixed Variety
Niigata 535 <br> 6"-8" Mixed VarietyNiigata 536 <br> 6"-8" Mixed VarietyNiigata 537 <br> 6"-8" Mixed Variety
Niigata 538 <br> 6"-8" Mixed VarietyNiigata 539<br> 6"-8" Mixed VarietyNiigata 540 <br> 6"-8" Mixed Variety
Niigata 541 <br> 14"-15" Yamabuki Ogon

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